How Environment Affects Business

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Can your employee’s workspace affect their productivity?

Creating an ideal business environment for your workplace can often be a critical factor for elevating office morale and enhancing employee productivity.  Attention to details, for what may appear to most people as simple afterthoughts, can be the difference between liking where they work and loving where they work.  After all its not only where they work, it’s where they live.  Create a space that enhances both productivity and the JOY of working together…

Environmental diversity in a work space can offer employees a choice for which area makes the most sense for their particular type of work or task. Instead of conforming to a conventional model of “one size fits all” (cubicles), try creating collaborative spaces, war rooms, common casual areas, as well as private areas for focused work. By doing this, you’ll open up possibilities for employee performance.  Different environments can create different results.  Mixing things up empowers individuals with an ability to select how best to execute an assignment while removing the mundane experience or mentality of same thing different day.

According to some studies, giving employees choices can often lead to more organic creativity, increased productivity and higher employee retention. After all, dynamic spaces that encourage people to move and create are more valuable than static and uninspiring cubicles.

Today’s modern offices are more of an experience and lifestyle than they are just a collection of commercial rooms. Companies generally intend to showcase their facility as a representation of their brand and culture. Every area within the office should have potential to communicate a specific message or expectation.  This message speaks not only to employees and clients but more importantly…to investors. For example, if you have an office with large amounts of collaboration space, your employees and clients will likely identify that you value their creativity and teamwork.

New clients, potential investors and employees who visit your business for the first time, get a sense of what they can expect from your company’s performance long before an actual presentation or hiring pitch begins.  Your office instantly speaks volumes about who they’re dealing with.  It is precisely for this purpose All Systems Go Furniture aligns with the idea of creating an intelligent and intentional environment, from the reception area to the conference rooms, as we’ve witnessed (first hand) how it can help your business convey this subtle yet powerful and impressionable message.

All Systems Go Furniture facilitates businesses with creating unique office environments, which can provide employees with an opportunity to actually love where they work, work efficiently and collaboratively. We’re focused on building relationships with companies who are committed to making a difference for their employees and their business performance and we aim to identify, understand and exceed their needs as we strive to fulfill that vision.

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